Appointment scheduler – Log patient appointments across all your clinics and receive a daily appointment list by email
Send SMS and Email reminders to patients for appointments, immunization visits etc
Configurable structure allows each practitioner to customize the fields as per requirements
Complete clinical history – Record patient data systematically for proper analysis, diagnosis and treatment
Physical examination – Record and analyze data to see the trends
Direct result entry by diagnostics – Paperless referral to labs, automatic update of test results in patient records
Images upload – Patient images stored on central server; makes you ‘hardware-independent’
Automated medical summary generation – At one click, view and print summary
Electronic prescription – Quick and easy; does away with handwriting-related issues
Referral analysis – View referrals made to other doctors/laboratories, referrals received from other doctors and respective patient details

B) Aids in management of finances:

Electronic bills and receipts – Automated generation of standardized bills and receipts tightens control over financial transactions
Collection tracking – Keep a close eye on daily collection

C) Manages administration:

Roles and rights – Customize staff roles as needed and assign CMS-access rights as per requirement
Inventory management of drugs – Take stock of all supplies
Connect all practice locations – Seamless practice across all your clinics
Reminders – For professional events, meetings or important tasks, opt for SMS/email reminders
Stay connected with your patients – Send email/SMS to patients for reminders, educational materials, greetings, etc.

The advantages of Med Docket Clinic Management System do not end here. There’s more:

Comprehensive system
Flexible / Configurable
Data analytics available
Unlimited data storage in each patient account
Form 3C generation for taxation
Alerts on key medical information
No headache of daily / weekly back-ups
No tension of data loss in case of hard disk crashes

Apart from these features, Med Docket guarantees you absolute peace of mind as it’s highly secure.

Regular Training & Support:

Our team is geared to train doctors as well as the administrative staff in optimal use of Med Docket CMS
Initial configuration of the system along with preparation of masters is done by our team, in consultation with you and your team
Our techno-medical team works in close co-ordination with you and your team to ensure that the system works in a smooth manner and queries, if any, are resolved in quick time.

Take charge of your practice as well as your patients’ health with Med Docket CMS.


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