Good health is important to all of us. Amongst all the efforts we take to keep up good health, maintaining our medical records generally takes a backseat. Not many of us take care to store these records systematically. Medical records generally lie scattered all over the house in different files, cupboards and drawers and are never easily accessible, especially when visiting the doctor. However, in times of medical emergency, getting access to this data could be the difference between life and death.

Medical records, be it pathology test reports, X-ray f ilms, CT Scans, etc as well as doctor’s prescriptions, are of significant value since they provide information about our health at different points of time. This data is vital for our doctor to decide the best course of action going ahead. Developments in IT have now made it possible to digitize all medical records and store them systematically on the web, in a secure manner, such that it is easy to access, update and organize.

Chowgule Mediconsult brings to you, your own ‘Personal Health Record’ system – Med Docket™.

Med Docket is a unique online software which helps to store your medical records in a systematic way, to help you manage health better. It can be accessed instantly from anywhere in the world! All it needs is an internet connection.

Features of Med Docket :

All documents (complete medical history + reports) stored in a way that is easy to retrieve and read
Entire data is arranged chronologically, automatically
Completely does away the need to store medical records in physical form
Generates a ‘Medical Summary’ that serves as a concise health horoscope of the individual
Generates graphical trends of lab reports over time, so as to draw immediate attention to important parameters
Gives you alerts for parameters not within normal limits
Sends reminders via email / SMS for important medical events like immunizations, doctor visits, lab tests or other investigations, etc.
Allows sharing of medical data with your doctor in a remote location (for online consultation).

Apart from these unique features, the robust hardware architecture along with state-of-the-art, high-end IT infrastructure guarantees you:

Complete data protection (with daily, weekly and monthly backups)
Browsing convenience
99.5% uptime
100% redundancy

Security features :

Data encryption
User authentication security
Personnel policies
Internal Audit
Contingency Plan
ISO 27001 certified

Regular Support :
Our techno-medical teams will work in close co-ordination with you to ensure that the system works in a smooth manner and queries, if any, are resolved in quick time.

Nomination :

You can nominate two people who will be contacted should an emergency arise
Only after an expedited thorough verification shall your health data be disclosed to the nominee
In addition, the nominee can only view your medical information
At no point will any alterations by the nominee be allowed.

How to access your Personal Health Record at Med Docket?

All you need to do is register with Chowgule Mediconsult Pvt Limited (Click here)
You will receive a unique Med Docket Login ID and password
Using this you can access your Personal Health Record and start feeding in your medical history and records.

How does the Personal Health Record at Med Docket benefit you?

It ensures easy health information access to you and your family even when you travel .
Assists you and your family's progress towards specific health goals
It’s a high quality, low cost way to better healthcare
Keeps your medical records safe and secure


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