Why is it important to store medical records systematically in an electronic format?

There are a number of reasons why you should do this:

To start with, old reports, even if they are normal, indicate your basal parameters and help the doctor to identify when the problem started
Physical records can get damaged – paper gets torn, X-rays turn yellow, ECGs fade, etc.
Physical records need space for storage and can be lost
It’s difficult to file all records date-wise in one place. Moreover X-rays, CT/MRI reports cannot be filed
When visiting the doctor, you may forget to carry certain/all medical records
When travelling, medical records are not carried along and if we fall ill, no data is available to the treating doctor
Last but not the least, systematic electronic storage of medical records gives the doctor holistic view of your health and also saves cost and time for repeating investigations.

I am young and healthy with hardly any ailments, nor a lot of medical data. Storing medical records may be important for old persons; why should I store them digitally?

It’s good that you are healthy but storing medical data digitally can have benefits for you too:

Your reports, even if normal, indicate your basal parameters for future reference
With increased incidence of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc. in younger people nowadays, you can monitor your health parameters closely with your PHR account
Your BMI and ideal body weight is auto-calculated, so you can keep a check on these
Your ‘family history of illness’ can be logged, which is useful for doctors while treating you any time in future
Your ‘Key Medical Information’ remains easily accessible to the treating doctor during an unforeseen event such as an accident or serious illness.

How will my old medical records be entered in my PHR account? How will my account be updated?

It’s good that you are healthy but storing medical data digitally can have benefits for you too:

All your medical data since birth can be provided to Chowgule Mediconsult at the time of creation of your PHR account. Data entry will done for you without any additional cost
There’s no limit on the amount of data that can be stored, no additional costs. In fact, we insist that individuals provide us all the medical data, since it could prove life-saving and cost-effective later on
We will provide training on how to enter your data thereafter. Online training can be provided on an on-going basis
Scanning of your radiology films will be done by us throughout your subscription period and the same will be uploaded in your PHR account
For any assistance at any point of time, you can call or email us.

How secure is my personal health data stored on Med Docket?

The security of your personal information is of prime importance to us. Our systems are highly secure and you may check the details of our security features here (give link to security features on PHR page).

It may also help to inform you that we don’t sell data of our clients. We also do not take any advertisements although it is commercially beneficial, in order to ensure data privacy.

What if I lose my medical records’ hard copy?

Once your medical records have been entered into the PHR account, there is no worry even if you lose the hard copy. The digital copies will always be available to you.

In fact, we even have a Mobile App that helps easy access of your PHR account on-the-go.

What if I want to discontinue my PHR account?

We would not suggest you to do so – for your own benefit – but in case you decide on this, all the data in your PHR account will be given to you in digital format.

Most sites on the internet which allow storage of data – emails, photographs, files, etc. are free. Why do I have to pay for my Med Docket subscription?

There are many valid reasons behind charging you a nominal fee for the kind of services you will get from us:

Unlike most sites, we do not sell client data to any third party
We do not take advertisements (although it is commercially beneficial) in order to ensure data privacy
Data entry for you is done by us
No limit on amount of data that can be stored in your account
Upgrades, with user-friendly features, are automatic and free
Regular training – one to one or online
Support available for troubleshooting.

If I have a problem with my PHR account, whom do I contact?

If any problem occurs, our customer support team can be reached as given below:

Email: meddocket@cmplin.com, bthakker@cmplin.com

Telephone: + 91 22 4342 2121

Fax: + 91 22 2367 9659 


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