How can the company use Med Docket electronic personal health record service?

To suit the different requirements of different companies, we have 3 available options:

Corporate plan:

Under this plan, PHR account for each employee is created along with a corporate login account
Employees can store all their medical data and CMPL will do data entry
Through corporate login, the management can view ‘Key Medical Information’ of each employee in case of any emergency (no changes can be made in employee's PHR account)
Analyze medical data, generate reports and plan remedial action/program – yoga, meditation to reduce stress, better diet in canteen, etc.
View any other data shared voluntarily by employee with the corporate. E.g. annual health check-up paid for by the company.

Personal Health Record (PHR) plan:
PHR account created for each employee
Employee can store all medical data – CMPL will do data entry.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) plan:
Useful for pre-employment health check-up data
One corporate account will be created under which individual accounts of each employee will be created
No login for individual employee – only one corporate login
Store electronic data so that physical records can be discarded or given to employees
Data analysis can be done to see health status of employees
Data of annual health check-ups sponsored by company can be added to the account
Data entry can be done by CMPL.

Why should the company offer facility of electronic Personal Health Record (PHR) to its employees?

This has numerous advantages:

Helps to systematically store all health data of all employees
Employees can access their health data anytime, anywhere
They can take charge of their health
Helps to closely track health issues of senior executives, employees who travel a lot or those with lifestyle diseases.

Majority of the employees in our organization are young, under 40. Will they see value in PHR?

They may not see the benefits immediately, but will realize its value if they are made to understand the utility of medical data as they age.

Using the PHR, they can:

Systematically store all their health data
Access it anytime, anywhere, during a medical emergency
Empower themselves to take charge of their health.

Attrition of manpower is high in our organization. Why should we offer PHR on Med Docket to our employees?

High attrition rate also amounts to high number of newer employees being hired constantly, which means that much amount of storage space for the physical copies of their medical records. To save space, time and efforts for you, Med Docket is an ideal solution for your company. Its advantages:

Systematically stores all health data of all employees
You can store data electronically so that physical records can be discarded or given to employees
Helps you, as a company, to closely track health issues of all your employees and take preventive/corrective steps accordingly.

Will Med Docket Employee Wellness offering infringe on the data privacy of our employees’ records?

No, it will not.

Through the corporate account, only ‘Key Medical Information’ of employees is visible – to be viewed during medical emergencies
Employees have to voluntarily agree to share data, only then does that data become visible to corporate
Even in data analysis, no names of employees are visible – only trends can be drawn.


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