Our program reaches out to a vast population. How can such large amount of clinical data be entered in a customized software?

A customized software would be an ideal solution in such a scenario, for the following reasons:

Programs that cover a large population generate lot of data, which if entered in digital format, can throw up lot of interesting insights on prevalence, prognosis, etc. of diseases – something that would have been missed if analyzed manually
Technology has made it possible to use hand-held devices to capture a lot of details on site itself – use of Tablet devices, mobile phones with GPS, QR code, biometric devices, etc. makes this very convenient
Digital pads and pens also allow data to be captured and entered in a software with a small lag time
Furthermore, we have team of trained and experienced data entry staff, who can enter all the data into the system.

Each program already has a software for reporting. Why is it necessary to develop another customized software for entry of clinical data?

Most programs have a reporting software which captures the total number of persons enrolled in the program and a few other details – clinical data in-depth is not stored in any software
The reporting software is ideal for reports generated at a superficial level – numbers covered, gender, age, etc
On the other hand, a customized software goes a step further to analyze clinical details captured during an intervention / interaction with the patient / individuals
A customized software helps to gather many aspects of clinical data and analyze the same – it gives the real-time report of the program
This kind of analysis helps to improve / fine-tune existing programs and plan new programs to meet the challenges / reality at ground level.

We have a software for reporting progress of each program at regular intervals. What is the need for any other customized software?

Most programs have a high level reporting tool / software but no in-depth clinical data capture software
Secondly all software work in silos – capturing high level data for that program but do not show if the same individual is also covered in some other program
Thus all software are horizontal compartments giving only high level details of a particular program
A customized software could be the vertical integration that can bind all programs together
It will not only give the high level data required for reporting, but will also capture all clinical data at individual level and also map the individual across multiple programs, if the case so be
Thus, a customized software can give more insights across programs and uses patient / individual as the base, rather than the program.


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