Why should the school opt for detailed health check-up of students? Health is something for parents to look after!

Considering the amount of time children spend in school nowadays, it is vital for schools also to partner with parents in the healthcare of children.
Some other good reasons for conducting regular health check-ups of children:

Good health has direct impact on academics and attendance. E.g. Vision and hearing directly impact the child’s ability to understand and keep pace with academic work in the class. Sadly, these problems are on the rise today due to increased time spent in front of gadgets and with earphones
Wellness initiatives are important to ensure that children remain healthy and perform well in curricular as well as extra-curricular activities
It is mandatory for schools to maintain health data of children and storage of electronic health data empowers the school to view any child’s ‘Key Medical Information’ in seconds in case of medical emergency during school hours
Electronic health data of children also helps the school to study overall health trend of children and take necessary remedial action. E.g. modify the type of food available in case of increasing obesity, inclusion of gymnastics/yoga, etc.
Furthermore, preventive health check-ups draw attention of parents to likely health problems in their children.

We conduct health check-ups of our students every alternate year using the services of parents who are doctors. This does not cost the school/parents and is sufficient. Why should we opt for School Health Check-up program of CMPL?

It’s always a better option to get a preventive checkup done by a team of experts rather than choose a single doctor or a parent who might be unable to do justice to comprehensive check-up of all students. There are more reasons too:

School health checkup program of CMPL includes a detailed checkup of every child by 5 different experts:
Physical Examination by medical doctor
Dental Examination by Dentist
Audiometry test to check hearing
Optometry test to check vision
Spirometry test to check lung function
Our program follows the WHO recommendations of annual preventive checkup for growing children to draw attention to possible health problems early on
Furthermore, our program ensures unbiased opinion from experts with no other interest in referral
A detailed report card with action areas for parents is provided to each student
Electronic Personal Health Record (PHR) account is created for each student and data is entered in the account to help parents take charge of children’s health

In spite of this, if a school wants to opt only for PHR account and wants to continue with the check-up using other doctors/parents, that option is also available.

What are the advantages of storing students’ health data electronically on Med Docket – for the school as well as for parents?

Advantages for the school:

Ensures that a child’s ‘Key Medical Information’ is available within seconds during medical emergency, if any, during school hours
School authorities can analyze health data and plan corrective/remedial measures – diet, availability of certain types of food in canteen, exercises, training sessions for children, teachers, parents, etc
Better academic performance and all round development of children

Advantages for the parents:
Access their child’s complete health data anytime, anywhere
Ensure timely immunization
Monitor growth parameters of their children – height, weight and BMI
Take charge of their child’s health and ensure all round growth and development.

Is the medical data of our students secure on Med Docket?

Yes, their data is highly secure. Our security parameters include

User authentication
Data encryption
Secure hosting with SSL, Tier 3 data centre with round the clock NoC and SoC
No selling/sharing data of children/parents to third party.

Will parents see the value of School Health Check-up program or is it too expensive?

Considering the benefits offered by the program to their children, parents should not find it expensive.

The program alerts parents about possible sub-clinical symptoms in their children which may give rise to health problems later.
It helps them take timely action – a stitch in time saves nine!
A detailed preventive health check-up with different experts, all under one roof, saves them from running around from doctor to doctor. In fact, each consultation is expensive if done individually.
Furthermore, their child’s PHR account comes with advanced features and includes unlimited storage, SMS alerts etc.
It empowers them to identify problems early on and take charge of their child's health.

How will data get updated in the child's account?

Initially, registration form with all past medical records of the child is collected from parents
All data is entered in the child's account
School health check-up data also entered in the PHR account by our team
Training given to parents on how to enter data in PHR account through web and/or mobile
Online support available to help parents enter the data later
Collection of any new data from school is done every 2 months
Anytime scanning and uploading of radiology films like X-rays, etc is done free of cost.


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